Android Wear Smartwatches

Google’s smart watches is an adaptation of Android and Google Now, called Android Wear. Motorola and LG shows off the first models.

There are a plethora of smart watches on the market today, both for Android and IOS, where manufacturers have different opinions about how the watch itself should be designed and how the programs should work. For example, we have the popular Pebble, with a simple software and minimal design, versus the Samsung monsterklocka Galaxy Gear. However, what many have been waiting for is Google’s own solution to watches to Android.

Now, Google has turned up what they call Android Wear, an Android-based software designed for smart wristwatch. Google has designed it around its update system Google Now, based on what time it is and where you are can remind you about important information that’s relevant right then and there.

The idea is that Android Wear should have a simple interface that will quickly be able to be read with a look at the wrist, which primarily shows the time, but which can also view other information and notifications.

Simple gestures are used for navigation, but the software also has support for Google’s voice recognition technology. With the help of voice control clock can be used to send sms, e-mail or create new reminders. There is also support for Google Maps so that the clock can be used for navigation.

One of the first smart watches with Android Wear becomes Moto 360 from Motorola, which is currently undergoing a takeover by Chinese Lenovo. Directly at first glance, we can see that it looks to be one of the smoothest and most interestingly designed, smart clocks we’ve seen, with a genuine round lcd panel mounted in what otherwise looks like a traditional Bell chassis.

The pictures we’ve seen so far have shown at first, with Google Now interface, but also with a set of simple, analog klockdesigner. We also have a look at both with and without metal bracelets, the bracelets looks to be interchangeable.

Even Korean LG has shown its own model, but here it is still short of both pictures and details. Unlike Motorola’s model how to use LG a square screen instead of a round, but the clock still looks to be in a very clean format with their thin, black design.

More manufacturers, including Samsung, Asus and Qualcomm, according to Google working on Android Wear-software to show off their own models later in the year and in 2015. In addition, several traditional watch manufacturers apparently show off versions of their wristwatch with LED smart watch functionalities via Centralledwatch.

Google still has not announced exactly when we will get to see the first products with Android Wear on store shelves, but we expect to get more information in the Google press conference at Google i/o on June 25.

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