Android Wear Could Soon Offer Support for IPhone

Surely many users of Apple’s iOS platform to continue using the services of Google on their iPhone, something that we can say given the effort that the Mountain View giant dedicated to their applications for iOS.

With the Apple Watch to the point of becoming and Android Wear growing little by little, the truth is that we live a unbeatable time so finally Google implements the synchronization support between the terminals of Apple and Android Wear, a story that does not catch us by surprise.

In fact, some independent developers have already demonstrated that it is possible and quite simple to operate the Android Wear watches synchronized with an iPhone, and cross-platform compatibility could be the definitive accolade to launch the market of smart watches.

Android Wear and iPhone together? For users and manufacturers a great news for Google almost too, but we don’t know what to think Apple all this

In addition, the success that has Apple when it comes to conquer markets that others move at one much lower speed, is not trivial and the much more attractive prices of the options available in the Android Wear catalog you might get this type of watches to many users with an iPhone in their pockets.

The news this time comes through The Verge, perhaps the most renowned of the network today, and comes from sources close to the development of the version for Android wearables, apparently indicating that the support will come soon.

Functionality across iOS and Android Wear

To date, with a watch Android Wear is possible to interact with Google Now and all its possibilities for voice control, as well as read the terminal notifications, use specific applications and even record our activity data for use in Google Fit.

Keep all these active functions – or at least one large part – in an iOS environment may not be the biggest problem, that could in the possibility that Apple denied approval of a management application should I post it on iTunes by Google.

This possibility is not too far away, because everyone knows the restrictive conditions of the firm’s Cupertino when it comes to approving applications, and the entrance of Android Wear on the iOS platform would be direct competition for a market that still awaits the arrival of the Apple Watch all versions.

Neither of the two companies wanted to pronounce on the matter, so we will have to wait for the outcome of a movement that for users and, why not say it, also for the manufacturers, it would be more positive.