Android Wear Compatible iOS

The compatibility between the operating system dedicated to connected devices from Google and Apple devices would be about to be finalized. Good news that (finally) could boost sales of Android Wear watches?

Google would be working on Android Wear compatibility with devices running iOS, and finalization would be close depending on The Verge.

Android Wear Compatible iOS 1

An example of a LG G Watch R receiving a notification Facetime

According to the American specialized site, the Mountain View company would be finalizing the porting of operating system dedicated to the objects connected to iOS. To give evidence, he shows us a picture of a LG G Watch receiving a notification

Facetime application allowing to make video calls FaceTime over Wi-Fi on iPhone.

Android Wear Compatible iOS 2

The information is not new, since we mentioned already last month, but the outcome would be close, and we could see get the Android Wear app in the App Store shortly. Good news for Google’s OS that seems to have trouble convincing since its debut on the market.

15% of market share in 2014

Indeed, if the bike 360 Motorola stand out from listofusnewspapers, the other models running Android Wear don’t beat to record sales, far from it. On the 4.6 million delivered connected watches in 2014, about 720 000 functioned under the Google OS, which represents
15% of market share. What is relatively small, compared to the 81% of Android market share, over the same period.

Android Wear Compatible iOS 3

But the compatibility with iOS devices could increase the number of sales. Indeed, if Apple comes out his Watch, it has a relatively high starting price (399). Android Wear watches prices vary it between 150 and 350. Google therefore has a card to play, especially as the less expensive models are also the best-selling. Remains to be seen if the Android ecosystem will be well received by iPhone users.

Android Wear Compatible iOS 4

For its part, Apple is expected to sell 10 million Apple Watch in 2015. According to estimates the low, which is two times more than the total of connected watches sold in 2014…