Amazon Prime Problems

You are anxiously awaiting the arrival in Italy of Transformer Prime? Then we have good news for you: this is not another postponement, but of first opinions coming from America by its buyers, complaining about problems with the GPS (and also seems an autonomy not quite in line with the 12:00 declared by Asus).

Amazon Prime Problems 1

OK, maybe it won’t be the first navigation of the features for which you buy a tablet (also because lacking the mobile network connection hook to satellites would be still slower than a smartphone with 3 g network enabled), nevertheless in the First there is a GPS and logically expect that does its job in a dignified manner.

According to the tests made by the editorial staff of The Verge in their Manhattan offices, adding to the tablet from Asus a

Nexus (both connected to the internet), the latter engaged after just 8 satellites, while the First has seen initially 3, has failed the engagement and it took her a while to find the others. Of course there are also those who do not find particular malfunctions (although the latter complain anyway inferior performance compared to other Android devices), the fact is that on XDA has already born a long topic of complaints about it, where more than 60% of users complaining about problems.

Amazon Prime Problems 2

Asus’s response was rather disappointing in this case, given that the company merely remove the entry “GPS” by Transformer Prime specification page on their American website, releasing an update via OTA that GPS did not change anything.

Amazon Prime Problems 3

What about the problems with the battery which mentioned earlier in the article? Laptopmag ‘s colleagues have published a study from which the First doesn’t come out right winner, despite statements by ben 12:00 of maximum range (18 with the dock) released by Asus, and the attention to energy savings claimed by the Tegra 3: as you can see in the following image, even in power saving mode and the display dimmed, the tablet is stopped after about 8 hours (without dock).

Amazon Prime Problems 4

Pulling the strings we feel anyway to say: don’t panic! As you know the version which will be released by us is not quite the same as the American one, having been postponed for WiFi problems (and at this point I wonder if they were really only those) and arriving on our shelves already with Ice Cream Sandwich on board, so we’ll also assume higher level software by Asus (remember that so far is always pre-installed Honeycomb). For a definitive verdict are waiting to get your hands on “our” model, which now look forward with even more trepidation to refute (or not) this false start. And you future buyers of the Transformer Prime you feel frightened or remain confident?