Advice from Hollywood Actress with Sunglasses

Have you spent hours optics, trying to determine which is the best model sunglasses for your face?

The designer Jonathan Adler, who this summer season presents its special collection glasses adapted to the different face shapes, advise which are the best models for us, giving as an example 5 of the most popular, current and liked currently actresses in Hollywood.

Here is what his advice on the correct frame of sunglasses:

Rectangular Face – Like Angelina Jolie

Suitable so-called “Capri frames” – a large frame with rounded edges, which softens angular facial features.

Triangular Face – Like Anna Kendrick

Suitable for this face shape are “Waikiki” within a few angular emphasis they sharpen soft features.

Round/oval face – As Jennifer Lawrence

This face shape allows classic model glasses frames, playfully called “Santorini”.

Heart-shaped Face – Like Kerry Washington

Within called “Acapulco” soften the features of this form and give the person completion.

Square Face – Like Rachel McAdams

For this form are suitable frames inspired by the retro glamor of Hollywood – namely, a pair of glasses type cat’s eyes.

Judge for yourself to any of the persons listed actresses most closely resembles the shape of your own and get inspired at the forthcoming visit of optics to search for sunglasses.

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