Adidas Revealed The New Ultra BOOST Yellow

Boost ULTRA shoes have the system ARAMIS, an innovative technology that ensures comfort while running and that is used at NASA and in aerodynamic testing in brands such as Boeing and Audi.

Adidas Revealed The New Ultra BOOST Yellow 1

adidas is doing a new release of the UltraBoost sliappers, this time is the turn of the yellow colour that came to be part of the collection of shoes with the most suitable technology for running and will be on sale from Monday, August 24. The UltraBoost have 20 percent more material damping BOOST, damping high Energy Return in the running industry and it has eliminated the traditional sole EVA to have more direct contact in order to provide the maximum expression of BOOST, allowing a consistent over hundreds of kilometers in any condition performance.+

Adidas Revealed The New Ultra BOOST Yellow 2

“We are very pleased by the rapid inclusion of UltraBoost in the market of running shoes. Earlier this year we launched this new line of slippers and now in August already we are launching an extension of the product with a new yellow color. “The technology of these shoes makes them very comfortable for running and mostly light”. Said Nicolas Canessa, PR & Events Manager adidas Chile.

The foot of a corridor can be expanded extraordinarily up to 10 mm or more in width running. When it is restricted, this expansion may cause severe discomfort, friction, and the most common lesion ran, blisters. Unlike other leading technologies in tissues, innovative Ultra BOOST PRIMEKNIT pattern provides a comfortable support in areas less prone to expand the foot and an adaptable stretch where it is required to deliver maximum comfort.

Adidas Revealed The New Ultra BOOST Yellow 3

Attached Power

One of the more advanced features of Ultra BOOST is the sole Stretch Web that adapts and stretches according to the impact and movement of your foot. Perforated elastic design engages and maximizes the energy BOOST without restricting any of its qualities. The unique appearance of the sole Stretch Web is the perfect look to complement the striking BOOST Energy capsules.

Upper Bracket

BOOST ultra also features a completely new construction of heel that releases the natural movement of the Achilles tendon. A precisely tuned buttress Moor foot comfortably and adapts to the high extent of the Achilles. A new template with weight pen fits the natural shape of the foot of the corridor for a fit and feel custom.

Adidas Revealed The New Ultra BOOST Yellow 4

Ultra BOOST also boasts a new TORSION® SYSTEM for rearfoot, integrated to the base of the shoe. This allows more independent movement between the heel and forefoot for superior stability and a smooth, more controlled run.