A Piece of Code in Android Wear Seeaqn That Google Works The Compatibility with IOS

You may be surprised but not, There are people who use iOS and you’d like to try an Android Wear. Not everything will be Apple Watch go. At the moment there is no official support although we have seen several attempts by users, jailbreak from through, for support. It seems that soon everything will be much easier.

MohammadAG, a very reputed developer in Android and Meego, today announced version 4.4 of Android Wear there is in code that calls a class called AncHandler which confirms that Google are working to give official support to their watches. That Yes, do not yet know if it is also present in the current version (5.0).

To compete you one-on-one with Apple Watch

It is a matter of time before Google release Android Wear for other operating systems. Close only to its own platform ago that their limited scope. Probably do not give a tremendous boost to your sales or distribution, but it is certainly important to at least reach the iPhone and iPad.

Perhaps at Google I/O, when Wear platform meets a year, we see more developments in this regard and to confirm these suspicions. Rare, very rare, would not ultimately come on your day until Google Glass had support for iPhone and today nobody argues that its commitment to the connected clocks is much more robust than the sunglasses.

At the moment we know little more but as explained by MohammadAG the evidence is unmistakable. They are working on iOS. The truth is that there it won’t it be easy because it will play to compete as a visitor against Apple clock. That Yes, price and variety can be distinguished.