A List of Accessories For Cycling

The choice of equipment for a cycling trip depends on many factors: from the days when you decide to stay outside, the destination, the mode of accommodation, and certainly by their personal habits.
According to these criteria we will then draw up a list of objects and accessories more or less useful to the practice of cycling.

One of the first decisions about the choice of the venue of the luggage: the rear side bags are probably the most widely adopted solution by cicloviaggiatori, but not the only one.
Bags: the advantages represented by the side bags are:
– good handling of the bicycle;
– easy to transport (by hand) and accommodation in the hotel than in tents;
– If the bags have a budget, ability to split your luggage compartments.

On the other hand, this choice also involves some disadvantages, summarized as follows:
– more weight to carry, then greater effort uphill;
– lower visibility on the road from the shopping cart.

Cart: the advantages of the use of the shopping cart are:
– higher payload;
– increased visibility on the road, so extra security.

Here are the disadvantages:
– poor handling round bends;
– difficulty in tented accommodation;

– the need to carry extra changes.

Here some models of trucks for cycling or for urban transport.
Here the review of buggy “Mamut Explorer”.

Front Bagsrepresent one more element to increase the load capacity. Whereas as the cart they diminish the stability and handling of the bicycle are recommended only for very long trips where you need to carry a lot of luggage.

Handlebar bags/frame/seat: here some models. Can replace traditional rear bags in case of a short trip, no more than two days. But there are those who will use it for longer trips, a practice that someone called “bikepacking”.

Bungee cords: are very useful to fix over rear bags additional accessories such as a tent, sleeping bag, and possibly the washed clothes you need to dry.

What and how much clothing to wear for a bike trip? For trips lasting no longer than a week, you could also bring a change of clothes for days. At the bottom are clothes that weigh and clutter and save time to wash and dry them. Unlike the speech for longer trips, at which point you could lead 3-4 change and wash them precisely every 3-4 days.
Pants, tops and jackets are safely usable for several days: but again depends on your needs and habits: there are those who don’t care at all to bring clean clothing, who on the other hand he put in anticipation on the way some appointment “classy” and need for many clean clothes.
Here a brief disquisition on clothing on a cycling trip.

Helmet: always handy, you know, especially for those who love to run and jump in downhill, and even more for those who use a wheelchair or front bags which destabilize the bicycle especially when cornering. Wearing a helmet is not required.
Warning West: useful in circumstances where, at least in Italy, is already mandated by law by the highway code, that is, until dawn and at sunset.
Lights: useful and required by the highway code for riding in the dark. It is good to always have a front and a back light but, in the case of a momentary malfunction of one of the two, it is essential to have at least one back: the greatest dangers to a cyclist, in fact, both in town and on the road, coming from behind with the arrival of cars.
Here a thorough review about bicycle lighting.
Rearview mirror: useful, avoids turning continuously to a minimum hearing the arrival of an automobile. Prefer the handlebar mounted mirrors rather than knob, which typically are less extensive, are ideally situated for touring guide (higher than), and are more secure.

The piece of luggage dedicated torepair equipment depends on destination and their knowledge of the operations of ciclomeccanica. Before embarking on a cycling trip indeed:
– brush up their dexterity with major repairs if you do not have the confidence to remember them well;
– ensure the presence of bike shops or repair points along the route to progress;
– get to know the means by which you are travelling (you may bring along spare inner tubes with the valve is not equivalent to that already in use, too short or too long, the wrong size tires).

intrusion detection/quality chain – tying the bicycle;
– 1/2 bottles, preferably aluminum rather than plastic to keep the water cooler;
– a couple of shopping bags to store dirty laundry;
– emergency medical kit;
-any camping accessories.