A Galaxy of Quotes. Hunting Bargains 28 Android

April 10, today the new Galaxy, they disembark and don’t do it alone, but they come accompanied by one handful of others bargains in the face to the weekend. Gangalacticas!

  • Samsung today lay in the streets the S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge. Not yet available in most stores online like Amazon, but we already find the basic in El Corte Inglés with Click & Collect (purchase online and go to pick it up) to its standard introductory price: 849 and 699 euros. Free shipping if you prefer since at home.
    • Details on arrival, with prices for operator and rate, and even accessories. You have buyer’s Guide at Engadget.
  • You still big? The Galaxy S3 makes it difficult to the new medium ranges also in El Corte Inglés, by 179 euros we get this mythical Samsung phone.
  • Also arrive this week the HTC One M9, that I analyze. If he was convinced the Taiwanese bet, most will do it when you see which in Rakuten pull the House out the window upon arrival at the market. With the RAK12AP15 code, we take it back 615 euros both in Geekland Spainonline. This is 234 euros of discount on official price (which HTC brand in 849) or 134 on the price of release in other platforms.
  • If you like to play with your mobile device, what better way to take advantage of the bargain of the Xiaomi Gamepad in Tinydeal, which with a 20% discount remains at 37.17 euros.
  • Also in Tinydeal, also Xiaomi (or me, if we are accurate). Come the headphones Piston 3 to the store for 21 euros who stay at 18.50 if you apply the code ‘mierp4’, until morning April 11th.
  • (Xiaomi) My Note in its Edition for Bamboo reached the peninsula through Geekvida, and does so at the price of €429.
  • You need a Dual SIM, but you just find interesting phones? Rakuten have the Xperia Z3 Dual Z6633, stuck to the original except in this, by 479.31 euros with the same code RAK12AP15, most 4.99 shipping.
  • This edition of hunting bargains has a few Galaxy galaxies have 100,000 million stars The Galaxy Note 4 take it back in Rakuten with RAK12AP15 by just, attentive, 439.12 euros. To top it off, free shipping.
  • Wireless headphones neck, LG Tone Infinitum continue at bargain prices at Amazon.de. Remain at 60 euros, far from their price tag of 150.
  • The new Galaxy (or Apple), but in Worten give you 20 euros for each 100 you spend until April 13. Buying smartphones, for example, we take the Nexus 6-599 and also 100 euros to spend later.
  • Discounts on Rakuten also reach Hispaniola bq and its Aquaris E5 4G. Same code, stay at 167 and 183 euros in 8GB and 16GB capacity versions. Both 1 GB of RAM.

If you are wanting more, in Engadget you have the technology bargains in general, in Kotaku If you like bargains from video games or in Applesfera If you are looking for bargains of the manzanita.

You now, what have you found? You can always check our track record of bargains, perhaps there is some still interesting. Also remember that if you use Pushbullet, you can subscribe to our channel of hunting bargains Android to be the first to know. See you next week!

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The most clever reader will become aware of that image that illustrates this article is not a Galaxy. It’s ‘Pillars of creation’, in the Eagle Nebula, 7,000 years light-years from Earth. It is one of the landmarks of the Hubble Space Telescope, which is 25 years old this month.