7 Tricks To Keep Cold Water In Your Bottle This Summer

Provided that in summer sales with your water bottle cold well safe to think in ways to maintain that temperature for longer.

It with a heat wave, is very important to hydrate properly, and do it with cold water is the best. Either if you go to the beach, you need a bottle for hiking or stroll and tourism. Today campingship will give a few tips to keep your Nalgene Bottle cooler for many longer.

How To Keep A Bottle Of Cold Water

1. Put Ice On Your Bottle Of Water

It is the first in what you think when you want a water bottle endurance to cold in a high temperature environment. Nalgene wide mouth bottles have that mouth so you can introduce them huge ice and that they retain the water cold longer.

2. It Freezes Your Water Bottle Halfway

A highly recommended option is to fill your bottle halfway, leaving it in the freezer and wait to become ice. When this is the case, you add the water missing and make sure a cold and very durable base for your bottle. That huge block of ice will soon melt. That Yes, it is very important that do not fill the water bottleto the maximum, because the ice expands and can break the bottle.

3. Get A Cushion For Your Nalgene Bottle

Nalgene bottles insulated neoprene covers absorb condensation from the cold kept the cold water for much longer. You have already talked about them, so you just look that fits with your bottle, and they are also very stylish. To keep the cold!

4. It Avoids That The Sun Give Directly To The Bottle

In hot and dry environments, the worst enemy of your bottle cold is the Sun. So try to hide your bottle of water in the depths of your backpack so you do not notice the heat of the Sun. Thus, stays cold in the water bottle.

5. Are You Going To The Beach? It Carries A Cooler Full Of Ice

A good plan b that can help you if you’re beach is take the fridge with ice and go them replacing in your bottle. Of course, the best thing is that not you Sun to your Nalgene, but sure you will find the way to cover it: with sunshade, under the towel…

6.  Wrap The Bottle In A Wet Rag

This is a classic that works when there is air. For example, it can be very useful in forest or mountain. Your bottle of water wrapped in a damp cloth, and together with the wind will keep condensation energy and therefore cold. That Yes, continue before recommending a good Neoprene Sleeve.

7. If You Can’t Heat, Add Flavor To The Water

And if you don’t know what else to do, we give you a trick that will not make the water colder, but tastier: add flavor. A little lemon juice, a few pieces of fruit… anything that will make you forget that the water isn’t as cold as you want. Sure that drinking warm water with a little taste makes things much easier.

Do you have some more trick to keep your Nalgene Bottlecold water? Tell us in the comments.