5 Tips To Start Cycling

If you’re a beginner cyclist probably you have many doubts about the material, equipment and tools that you should take with you on your trips.

Normal is that, at the beginning, we tend to be very forward-looking and bring more than necessary, with the discomfort of carrying more than what you need that this implies.

Then you will learn 5 tricks that experience teaches us:

1 Neither Little Nor Much Clothing

When it’s cold is common to see cyclists that are covered up to the eyebrows, long shorts, jacket, hat, braga and winter gloves.

Then there is that another group that goes almost throughout the year, that as much as leg warmers, cuffs and long gloves with short shorts.

What does depend on this? Well than usual that you are cold and the requirement of your workouts, if you take the bike for a moderate exercise you need more shelter than in the case of high intensity training where the body produces more heat and, therefore, need less clothes.

2. Fair And Necessary Tools

Does not lack that we loaded with the arsenal of “iron” from the Toolbox.

The critical points of the bike (which are more likely to fail), are the wheels and transmission

With respect to the wheels there compact solutions for replace them and inflate them, while transmission we will have to focus on the chain, which is the part that suffers greater tensions.

3. A Healthy Chain

It is crucial that all the components are in top condition, to the end and after the fact that any part of the bike is in bad condition can give us a trick down a port or by drawing a path.

As we have pointed out in the previous paragraph the chain is the piece that suffers from the whole and more (along with the wheels) is one that can leave us completely pulled in any output, there is no chain movement on wheels.

Although it is not a too expensive piece, it is worth knowing simple tricks to lengthen your life and measure their wear and avoid scares.

4. The Necessary Energy For Your Effort

Cycling is a sport to get fit. Complement your outputs with a diet rich in proteins and taking carbohydrate only in the first part of the day can ensure you lose weight and improve your performance.

In addition to your usual meal there are variety of products intended to be consumed by athletes, it is called “supplementation”, bars, gels, recuperators, isotonics, etc.

These products are designed for comfort and the maximum energy intake and nutrients to your body when you need it.

5. A Proper Training

Maybe not you’ve raised this cycling as something in what should spend time planning your trips and the hardness of these to increase your performance. You just simply enjoy the bike, and that’s great.

But if you want to get targets demanding, if your dream is to participate in a March cicloturista that involves having a good background and resistance, here you will have to think about optimizing time spent in your outputs and that these are aimed at the constant improvement.

Not for more training you’ll be better cycling, the ideal is to put in the hands of a specialist who will guide you in this regard. We put at your disposal a training developed by Antonio Pérez, Sergio Manteción maker among others.