5 Tips For Buying Vintage Clothing

It is important to know first what means vintage. Although the term has an ambiguous meaning due to misuse which often becomes, in fashion, vintage refers to those garments that were used and loved by other people at other times, especially between 1920 and 1980.

Do you like the retro style, but do not dare to buy vintage? Choose the best pieces can be a challenge, especially since it was in tendency, all want to sell your old clothes through authentic vintage and offering it at very expensive prices. Today we offer you some tips to make your next visit to the shop of second hand or local specialized boutique a success.

1 check the fabric from light. Have you ever noticed that the second-hand stores tend to be very dark? It is therefore important that you review carefully any garment that will attract your eyes. For more cute it may be, you won’t want to bad spending money on a garment that is in poor condition.

2 check buttons, zippers and straps. It may seem irrelevant, but don’t want to go home with a missing button on your new garment or a seal that does not work. Buy vintage clothing involves continuous cost-benefit analysis. There are some amendments that are worth, but you have to define how much exactly are willing to invest in a garment.

3 avoid “buy by buy”. Occasionally prices may tempt you to buy something that not necessarily goes with your style or comes in your size. Buy wisely allows you to invest in this piece of designer of 40 years ago that both want.

4 avoid buying shoes. And if you absolutely encaprichas with a specific pair very well check the soles and straps. With shoes, repairs can be very expensive, so we recommend that you consider if it really is worth it.

5 last, but not least: smells like clothes. There is a very particular odor that is often found in such stores. It is a kind of old humidity. Do you already ubicaste the stale aroma of which you speak? Well, if you smell so, so do not buy. Nothing to do will bring out the aroma.

Happy shopping!

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