5 Tips Before Painting

Paint the House can be one of the simplest options to give a twist to our domestic environments without excessive spending. However, deal with ourselves, whether that entails an effort and time, therefore before making decisions in this regard and put hands to brush, there have some very clear points. Today I bring you 5 considerations to keep in mind before painting:

5 Tips Before Painting 1

1) illuminated Alliance

Lighting games that bring the colors of a stay will have its main actor in the walls and ceiling, for the simple fact that are the focal points that most cover and from which the rest of color palette is set.

Therefore, the first point to consider before choosing your shades, must be what light sources have, natural and artificial. It is

important to find the balance between the incoming light and the light bounced off the colors. For example: the decorative styles of Nordic cutting bet on a white space invasion, but this option is not well in all cases and may Squeak with the personality in general House and its occupants.

5 Tips Before Painting 2

(2) every meter counts

By common sense, would anyone paint a small room with colors such as red or black, as it would create an effect of burden that would further reduce the size for our senses. The selection of color or colors will always have to look for some of its foundations in meters square with which they have, and from there choose not only the tone, but the possible contrasts between walls or between wall and ceiling, the use of textures, the division by Sockets or many modes of distribution space.

(3) the new figures of aesthetics

As a result of the previous point develops the theory known as 60-30-10. According to this rule, an interior has to divide its shades into three percentages: firstly, 60% must be played by a neutral color (white, grey, cream…); Secondly, there is a difference of 30% made up a shade stronger than balance the rawness of the first; and, finally, a 10% supplementary reserved for small brushstrokes in furnishing. Bearing in mind this guide, the choice of paintings can be channelled with inspiration.

5 Tips Before Painting 3

4) choices and quality

If we are not specialized in the topic, we are surprised to know that one of the decisions to take will be what kind of paint is ideal for our change. There are plastic, synthetics, paints base, acoustic, textured, glazes… It is suitable to learn in specialized forums or consulting professionals to know which of them will mold to the idea that we or the needs of the room in particular. It is as important to choose the type of paint as a material quality for the entire process, then opt for the cheapest can finish out expensive.

5 Tips Before Painting 4

(5) continuous space

As always said, keep a coherence between the different rooms of the House is essential to create an harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. You can, of course, use different colors and even styles, but avoid mixes extreme if you want complete living in something akin to a theme park.

With these five fundamentals, we can have clear where to begin. At the beginning will you uphill, but already you can see as it is worth giving a change to walls to feel as if you estrenarais House.