5 New High-Tech For Your Cell Phone Accessories

Smartphones are evolving every day in a unique way. And in many cases will tend to think that only cell phone is which advances technologically, but quite the opposite. All accessories used for entertainment, productivity and protection evolve along with every new device that we find in the market. This time we bring you 5 new high-tech for your cell phone accessories:

High speed cables

High-speed USB cables they are ideal for all electronic devices such as cameras, smartphones, tablets and load banks. Since they allow a maximum of 400 MBs transfer rate is ideal for file transfer between PC, laptop, mobile phones and tablets, thanks to its compact design is easy to carry, ideal for use in your home, office, or when you’re travel.

In the same way it can be used as charger cable from your portable device connected to the converter wall or car, because its output to USB adapts to any type of connection which makes him an accessory docile and useful for your daily activities. You no longer have to stay without battery, carry this accessory for mobile devices everywhere. The best option that you can find on cables that will allow you to fully enjoy all your content with maximum quality.

Anti Gravity Case cell phone cases

The novel technology of nano-suction of the antigravity kits allow your device from adhering to any flat surface such as: glass, mirrors, slates, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, panels of automobiles and more surfaces.

This kind of cases are perfect for taking portraits without selfies rosewood, similarly to enjoy your videos, programs and favorite movies without tiring your arms. On the other hand thanks to anti gravity case them also can make more video calls with your friends in a most comfortable way.

Now only you must imagine the suction cups in the tentacles of octopuses, well, there’s this idea, combine millions of small suction cups on the back of a case to provide adhesion on most smooth surfaces, making the cover anti gravity is perfect for applications that previously mentioned.

The antigravity Smartphone case has raised edges that help to protect the screen of your device. This case makes good equipment with screen savers, so their edges of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) lasting is easy-grip and optimal protection from impact, thanks to the nano-suction material, shock-absorbing.

Tempered glass is one of the so-called safe crystals because its strength has been increased up to 9 H compared to normal glass.

Protective glass for Smartphone

Manufactured in tempered glass screen protectors are extremely sensitive and transparent, in addition its 300 µm thick guarantee a great sensitivity to the touch while retaining all the main features of the screen. In the same way these guards absorb impacts, so they are very resistant to blows and some falls. Similarly provide great protection break and scratch the screen.

These protective screen of glass tempered H9 are cut with laser technology that fit perfectly with your Smartphone screen. Likewise, possesses a process oil phobic to that provides a layer of protection that repels grease, dirt, and liquids, thus avoiding the marks of fingerprints on the screen.

If you’re thinking about how cumbersome can be your installation, then don’t worry it is very easy to install, since this process takes less than 30 seconds.

Ergofit headphones

Finally, we have an accessory that most accompanies us every day, hearing aids. If you are one of those who loves to go down the street listening to music, hearing Ergofit are for you, because its ergonomic design fits the ear canal for added convenience, this also allows to neutralize the outside noise.

It also has a high-sensitivity microphone for calls without stopping your activities. If you are interested in this type of accessory, please do not hesitate to go to your suppliers of hearing aids in the free zone of Colon, Rep. of Panama.

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth devices make your life more comfortable. Forget cumbersome cables and others with the new Headset Bluetooth B1. These accessories for your Smartphone are ideal for those moments when you can not use your hands to answer the phone. 4.1 Bluetooth connection prevents interference with 4G LTE connections. In the same way this connection allows automatic reconnection when the device is out of the range of the signal.

In addition your system multipoint connection to portable Apple devices is the Sametime. It also has a system of ideal CVC6.0 noise reduction for those moments where the bustle of the street does not allow you to listen to your calls or messages.

When using the headphones Bluetooth B1 a voice it will indicate the status of the device, this device also allows you to check your charging on the Smartphone screen time.