5 Best Backpacks for Cross-Country Skiing of 2017

Skiing as a sport has a lot of variants, and the backcountry skiing is one of the modalities under which most of fashion have been in recent years.

In carrying out this activity outdoors is important to be perfectly equipped with everything you need, and a backpack of backcountry skiing can be a great help.

5 Best Backpacks for Cross-Country Skiing of 2017 1

We have carried out an investigation of 20 hours, comparing and analyzing 20 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best backpacks of backcountry skiing for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we offer you 2 useful sections that will help you make the best decision:


  1. The best skiing of the 2017 backpacks
  2. What keep in mind when buying a backpack of backcountry skiing

1. the best skiing of the 2017 backpacks

Best brands

Although a multitude of brands when choosing a backpack to practise backcountry skiing can be found, then we show you three of the best brands you’ll find:

  • Highlander: It is a perfect brand of backpacks for your trips, camping, hiking or similar. There is no doubt that the requirements of the Highlander backpacks of good insurance that will perfectly suit your needs. Design, functionality, spaciousness, comfort and strength.
  • OUTAD: Other brands is OUTAD, responsible for creating backpacks with avant-garde and smart designs to make life much easier for all lovers of outdoor sports. Their backpacks combine comfort, versatility, functionality and safety.
  • Mountaintop: either we must mention the Mountaintop brand, which is aimed at the more aventurer@s. The top quality materials coupled with its great features, make its backpacks a safe bet to not miss anything on your trips to outdoor.

Our TOP 5

Then we offer you a list that collects the 5 best backpacks of skiing for your excursions, trips or Getaways outdoors, 5 backpacks that surely will suit what you are looking for in a backpack of these characteristics.

Altus Des Sables 10 B00N9X8D5Y

Technical data and functions

This unisex backpack is perfect for skiing’s journey, hiking, running, biking, and even for urban use. In black, sporting a look elegant and discreet, this backpack highlights to be extremely light, since it only weighs 305 grams.

This backpack is equipped with 3D BASIC SYSTEM back system, i.e., which guarantees comfort, breathability and enjoy a ventilated and dry back at all times. It has an approximate dimensions of 44 cm long and 23 cm wide, as well as a capacity of 10 litres.

With belt and chest strap, this modern and functional backpack features 2 bottle holders, a large main compartment, accessories for hydration bag, additional interior compartment with zipper for small objects, and a few useful reflectors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: This backpack is breathable, waterproof, pleasant to the touch, light, comfortable and safe. It has multiple compartments to be able to transport all that which you can specify. The materials are tough, durable and good finishes. It fits perfectly on the back. Good brand.

Disadvantages: Its design is not the most attractive market, it is quite simple and discreet, but it fulfills its mission. Its capacity is quite limited in relation to other backpacks on the market.

Final evaluation

Backpack for the great outdoors with great value for money. It is a highly recommended product thanks to its good performance at a very low cost.

Fits perfectly in the back with adequate in size and different bags inner capacity, it can be used both for small routes on foot and bike.

  • 5 Best Backpacks for Cross-Country Skiing of 2017 2

Mountaintop B01CS8A57E

Technical data and functions

This Mountaintop brand backpack is ideal for the practice of all sports to outdoor activities, camping, excursions or other activities. This backpack for ski touring is broad, since it has a capacity of 40 litres, so it allows you to load all your personal items without problems. It is available in various colors.

Its weight does not reach the kilogram (0.93 kg), while its dimensions are 55 x 35 x 25 cm. This backpack has been manufactured in polyester, so it provides a high resistance to water, making it ideal for areas of snow and rain. It is also resistant to the spots. It has two D-shaped hooks, and different straps for hanging tools, hammocks, accessories, etc.

It is a model perfectly adjustable at the waist with a belt that has to support the backpack and to distribute the weight properly. In addition, in case outside little, not sudarás with this backpack. It has many compartments and pockets to be able to transport your items organized and perfectly separated manner.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: This backpack is wide, large, water and the stain resistant, comfortable, safe and with a good finish. It has numerous compartments and pockets to carry everything that you may need. It conforms to the back without sweat. Its value for money is very interesting.

Disadvantages: To access the interior only is a top opening. It is not too heavy, but it is also very light in relation to other models. Its handles are not too padded.

Final evaluation

A proper product for the price which has. It can be improved, but for the price which has not ask more, since it fulfills its mission perfectly. Ideal if you don’t have much budget.

Super bag ideal to go hiking for a few days and carry everything you need thanks to his great ability.

5 Best Backpacks for Cross-Country Skiing of 2017 3


Technical data and functions

This waterproof, breathable, and large capacity (40 liter) backpack offers a design careful, ergonomic, and perfect finishes. Ideal for camping, excursions or trips to outdoor activities, both in summer and in winter. Made of 420 d fiber polyester fabric, this model has measures 35 x 25 x 50 cm and a weight of 1’5 kilos.

Available in various colors, this backpack is perfectly equipped with padded shoulder straps, breathable trellis as well as very large in size and very stable in waist and chest straps settings. It has many compartments and pockets of various sizes to organize and separate your personal items.

Highlight that this backpack for ski touring is resistant to scratches, as well as being very easy to clean. It is large enough to carry clothes, including a pair of boots of mountains, food, and various utensils. This model includes a cubremochilas.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: This ergonomic backpack is breathable, waterproof, wide, comfortable and great strength. Ideal for ski touring, as other activities in the open air. It has many pockets and compartments. The shoulder straps are padded to suffer no discomfort or pain. It includes a cubremochilas.

Disadvantages: It is somewhat heavier than conventional backpacks, but it is perfectly bearable and comfortable. The Outer fabric, although it fulfills its function, looks rather weak. Finishes can be improved.

Final evaluation

Good product, although improved in some aspects. A purchase is recommended if you do not have more budget and are looking for an acceptable quality and price.

Very good, comfortable and breathable. It fits very well to the back and is perfect for for example, do the camino de Santiago.

Mountaintop DSM5821lanseES1

Technical data and functions

This backpack for March is waterproof to keep the contents of always dry inside. In addition, the materials are perfectly breathable, to ensure that the backpack is well ventilated at all times. It is highly resistant to water and stains.

Made of polyester, this backpack for ski crossing and other outdoor activities. This backpack is available in various colors and offers a capacity of 75 litres. This backpack has a weight of 2.19 kg and measuring 78 x 36 x 25 cm. Waist belt and chest strap ensure a perfect fit.

Belt Pocket allows quick and easy access to all those smaller personal items. This model has several belts on which you can hang sleeping bags, tents, and other items. The comfort offered by this backpack is more remarkable.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: Backpack comfortable, waterproof, breathable, waterproof and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities free from backcountry skiing to hiking. It has a great capacity, multiple compartments and pockets, as well as resistant, durable materials and with good finishes.

Disadvantages: The price of this backpack fires relatively in comparison to others models that can be found on the market, though clearly their features are really good.

Final evaluation

A large backpack in all directions. Good value for money, good quality, good design, good capacity, and ultimately, a good performance.

It is tremendous and I hallucinated all zippers and pockets that possesses. It is very comfortable with the fastening straps that has.

Highlander Discovery

Technical data and functions

The Highlander Discovery is a product available in various colors that is presented as a good ally for those wishing to travel the world with her. Ideal for the more adventurous, this backpack ensures strength, durability and very good finishes.

The belt fits very well giving good stability to the backpack. It is a backpack waterproof, so always stays dry both backpack and your back. It includes its own protective jacket in a striking yellow.

The Outer fabric is very resistant, while the interior can be divided into three zones, which can be accessed easily from the outside. It has a lower Pocket that you can either join with the rest of interior capacity or isolate it. The sides also has very useful and practical pockets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: Backpack for ski crossing and many other sports or activities that fulfills its mission. This model is waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and made from high quality materials. Avoid back sweat. It fits perfectly to the body. It is resistant to water and stains.

Disadvantages: Despite having 65 liters, visually seems smaller. It is slightly heavy in relation to other similar models.

Final evaluation

Comfortable backpack with decent finishes. Superior in quality and comfort to the competition from supermarkets. Purchase recommended

5 Best Backpacks for Cross-Country Skiing of 2017 4

2. what keep in mind when buying a backpack of backcountry skiing

When you buy one of the many backpacks of skiing that are on the market please bear in mind some key aspects to ascertain with your choice:

  • Fabric: The tissue which is made with the backpack must be waterproof, water resistant and breathable. It is also convenient is a fabric that is resistant to stains.
  • Compartments: It is essential that a backpack of this type has the highest number of compartments and pockets to carry all your items organized and sorted.
  • Materials: When it comes of backpacks that will carry enough weight, it is important that materials are tough, durable and with stitched and finished. Thus you can be sure that support everything you wear on the inside.
  • Brand: Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a backpack of unknown brand or of dubious quality, and committed only to those brands that offer you the additional guarantees.
  • Weight: Enough weight to be loaded in the backpack as so this also suppose an extra weight, so we recommend you choose a light model, avoiding excess load your back.

Now that you know the fundamentals to take into account to purchase a backpack for ski touring, please do not hesitate to opt for one of our recommendations.

Surely that conform to what you need for your trips or adventures in the air free. What fun!