3 Things That can not Miss On a Good Birthday

It is true that, as you get older, in general, the birthday is losing importance, however, for children is probably the most important of the year day. Sure that everyone remember the illusion with which you Were waiting the days prior to that reached the big time. Therefore, that we, the adults, must pay attention to turn his birthday into something unforgettable.

3 Things That can not Miss On a Good Birthday

And for this, nothing like preparing a feast in style, that makes the small feel the most special part of the world. And this does not mean that we have to throw the House out the window and let the month’s income in the meet, much less. We ourselves can take care to prepare it all and get incredible results. Only need to comply with three keys:

Birthday DIY: How to make a pinata

Time to pull the ties of the pinata and ‘fight’ with the rest of the children to get all possible candies is possibly the most longed for the kids. For this reason, it is a basic, you can not miss! In this way, we ourselves can make the design of it and carry it out.

3 Things That can not Miss On a Good Birthday 1

For that need, basically, carton and paper silk, with what will create the structure. Thus, on the cardboard we painted figure or shape that we want to achieve. It’s very easy! In this tutorial you have explained every one of the steps:

DIY birthday: How to make a cake of sweets

And follow the list of the most expected moments, by back and very close to the pinata in order we have the cake. What happy kids are at that point where we turn off the light, we light candles and everyone’s dedicated happy birthday.

3 Things That can not Miss On a Good Birthday 2

However, many children do not end well fit the cake or, directly, the impatience for continue playing makes them leave the pieces, so we can resort to plan B: tarts of sweets. Irresistible and easy to develop. Attentive!

Birthday: How to make garlands to decorate

Last but not least, it is the decoration of the birthday, and is that with it we can create the best atmosphere. In this way, a simple and easy way to get ornaments that fill much of the space is to resort to the wreaths. And today we are going to see two different options:

3 Things That can not Miss On a Good Birthday 3

1. on the one hand, from crafts for all teach us to perform this simple design with straws and patterned papers. It is very simple, you will see!

  1. on the other hand we have this design for which you will only need tissue paper, rope, tape and scissors.And ready!

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