3 Swimsuits Portuguese Brands That Have to Meet

Meet 3 Portuguese brands of swimsuits that will take you to the beach with a lot of style.

Summer was synonymous with bikini, right? Now, the trend has changed and the swimsuits I’m winning more and more fans. Of all the forms, colors and patterns, the supply is increasing and already there are brands that are dedicated to this beach which is essential a bathing suit.
Today we will tell you about 3 brands of swimsuits in Portugal that cannot put aside. Let be lost in this ocean of possibilities for Beach days that are coming.

3 swimsuits Portuguese marks of lose your mind


Hope + Happiness is the motto for this brand, which represents the motivation of its creators: living with hope and happiness. The brand originated in 2013 with production of beach bags. The bathing swimsuits arose naturally, to meet the needs of the market. The objective? Create swimsuits for real women, which bring them comfort and harmony to the your body. You can experience the entire collection at www.hopiness.pt and buy your Favorites.


Inspired by the strength and determination of women, the Floats appeared North of the country. The value of the free spirit and the will to live without limits took this brand forward, with design and production 100% Portuguese. “FLT is be who you want, when you want and where you want!”. Worth a try at www.flutua.pt.


A hand-made work that joins the millenary techniques the modernisation of processes and that brings us inspired bathing suits in exotic places that once fascinated by browsers. The motto? The discoveries of 1415:clearing the sea and take the protugal 4 corners of the world is the aim of the Floats. A mixture of colors and irreverent cuts to bring to the beach and take the salt breeze to the fullest. Embark on this trip in www.s4l.pt.
Feel like joining the sets of swimsuits? We also. Risk and experience into this wave promises to refresh the beachwear and give even more style to hot summer days.

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