Tips on How to Wear Your Long Women’s Overalls

Hello! Women’s overalls can be stylish, loose, fair, loose … but, unlike their brothers short and jeans, jeans overall is not one of the most democratic pieces that exist in fashion. You have to be careful when choosing the model that looks best on you.It looks good for some biotypes, but for others it can leave the […]

Computer & Technology

Why Has Google Had to Sell Motorola?

In 2011, and since Google bought Motorola, Yang Yuanquing (CEO of Lenovo), he and Eric Schmidt (Google) had a conversation in which Yuanquing volunteered to become part of Motorola hardware. At the time, Google did not move. At the end of 2013, just after Thanksgiving, Schmidt called the head of Lenovo and asked if still interested. […]

Beauty & Entertainment

Retro Style Hairstyles

Spring summer 2011 hairstyles trends do a small journey in the past. The beauty of the 1950s is straight with a retro style. If you prefer to be natural that works too. Retro and naturalness are the new hair trends. Here’s a decryption of the new hairstyles trends.


Womens Winter Leather Jackets

The leather jackets are key pieces in the closet of any person, whether they are men or women. On almost every occasion, you can always put together a stylish look, combining several pieces of clothing with the leather jackets. In the cold seasons of the year, the use of this piece, on a large scale. Beyond the discreet […]

Kitchen & House Lights and Lighting

High Brightness White LED Light

The LED modern high power are nothing else than a ultra compact parallel series of several basic LED. This article presents two white LEDs (white white and cold) of 20W and 1600 lumens: electric and use characteristics. 20W white LED: shape and mounting This 20W white LED connects at both ends. The wide leg that […]

Computer & Technology Electronic & Appliances

Laser Printer

There are 3 main printing technology: laser, inkjet and thermal. Robustness, reliability and speed, here are the main qualities of the laser printer. Presentation and operation of the laser printer Presentation The technology used by laser printers is comparable to that used by photocopiers. The only difference is that the laser printer, to print a […]


Women’s Vertical Striped Pants

Wear strips became a hit this season. Shirts, jerseys, shorts, skirts, dresses and pants adorned with a strip of various sizes and locations. Excellent choice for fashion will be women pants with stripes. In fact, thanks to this acquisition can visually lengthen your legs and make figure slender and highlight the beautiful curves of the […]

Clothing Outdoor & Sports

Colors of Handbags that Combine with Any type of Look

Bags are like shoes, there’s always room for one more in women’s wardrobes. This taste for variety is key to allow many looks and combinations are ferns for different occasions. The women’s handbags there are of different sizes, models and style, like the cross handbags, shoulder bag, bag, backpack, among others, and learn to combine with certain parts […]