Monthly Archive: August 2017

LED Lamps and Colour Temperature: Understand This Relationship

Comfort, relaxation, or productivity. All these goals of a project can be reached with the appropriate use of color temperature in an environment. And that temperature not connected with the heat emitted by the lamps, but with the change of color of…
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What Are the Fashionable Sneakers This Season?

Greetings, dear reader! It’s good that you accompany us once again in this space that Brantano makes for you. In this blog, we want to share the best of Mexican fashion, new fashion trends in footwear and accessories and show you the…
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How to Use Micro Thong Bikinis for Every Body Type

The bikini is an ancient piece of female and fundamental closet today. On the beach or pool, you can’t lose. Not that you eliminate the swimsuit, but enhance the woman’s body is important. The FLOSS model, even if it may seem, is among the most…
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