Kitchen & House

Progress In My Hallway: The Accent Wall

So there’s the accent wall in my hallway So I painted the accent wall of my hallway. An alternative to wallpaper to create an impact decoration When I told you about the plans for decorating my hallway, I told you I had one very clear thing: I wanted to create a focal point just in front […]


“The Walk” Von Michael Kors

März 2017Street-Style-Kampagne & Interview Mit Hailee Steinfeld, Kelly Rohrbach, Hikari Mori und Jillian Hervey hat Michael Kors vier Influencer gefunden, die der neuen Kampagne “The Walk” Esprit und Street-Style-Attitüde verleihen. Folgen Sie VOGUE nach Los Angeles…


How to Choose and Wear Rings-A Guide For Men

We’ve talked here of watches, bracelets, scarves, hats, cuff links and tie fasteners, but even a subject still little explored in the channel with respect to Male male rings, an accessory that is received with reserve by most men, probably because many of them have doubts about choice and use of such item, so we’re […]


Looks of the Day: Skirts

Hello, ladies! Before you start talking about the looks of today (which are divine, by the way), I want to tell you the news that you see here on the blog in the coming weeks. I was invited by the Zero hour of the valleys to be the new fashion columnist to a regional notebook. […]

Lights and Lighting

Energy-Saving LED Lighting

The replacement of traditional lighting by LED lamps is an increasingly common practice in companies, public authorities and households, therefore we propose the v/Excellencies the bet on this technology. Savings: More than 50% Warranty: 3 years 5 years Why invest in the replacement of the LED lighting?


What Do These Women Have in Their Handbags?

The photographer Corwin of Kuhwede for years wondered what women actually have in their handbags. Until he has looked. Mirror ON LINE: Mr by Kuhwede, what do you have in your pockets? Kuhwede: I have always handkerchiefs in the right front pocket. Front left my wallet and my phone plug. Remains free rear right and rear left I use for […]

Computer & Technology

The Best Blockers In The World

Why not you? Sean McColl, Jakob Schubert, Alex Megos, Jongwon Chon, Petra Klinger, Melissa Le Neve … They will all be at the CWIF 2017 in Sheffield, City of outdoor in the United Kingdom. The 11th edition of Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF), an event Rab, to be held on 18 and 19 March at the Climbing Works in Sheffield […]