Outdoor & Sports

Term Or PET Bottle?

Terms and bottles as pictured above have one thing in common: they can be reused many times. On the contrary, PET bottles (as below) are used only once, less than reusable bottles. Today I will present the economic and environmental benefits.

Outdoor & Sports

Swimming For Children, Leisure Or Obligation?

Throughout my experience as an instructor of swimming I have seen many and very different situations with children that go to swimming lessons. It is a subject which at this time brings the head to many parents who doubt if they must treat it as entertainment or obligation. I hope, despite not being a specialist in psychology […]


This Helps With Summer Discomfort

At last he is here, the summer. And with it also the typical summer complaints: insect bites, sundress, sunburst, circulatory problems, heavy legs and vein problems. I have a wonderful overview to the remedy found against it.

Beauty & Entertainment

The Right Makeup for Green Eyes

What is the right makeup for green eyes? A look so intriguing needs to be exploited with makeup. Therefore eye shadows, eyeliner pencil and must be chosen carefully. Let us see what are the secrets to give greater intensity in the eyes. What is the right makeup for green eyes? The color of the IRIS is one of the first […]


What Swimsuit Should I Use?

If there is something created especially for wear in spring and summer it is the fashion of bath, where there are also key trends that are reinvented every season. We must be careful with swimsuits and monitor details as design, length of the swimsuit, pattern and color, which should be flattering to our body type […]