Beauty & Entertainment

Lancome Hair Care

There are times of the year when our hair become dry, lose brightness and softness. The dry hair can be the result of internal imbalances, or can be caused by external agents to the body. An internal cause quite common is the lack of sebum, but the origin of the problem is also with incorrect nutrition as a diet deficient […]


Why is the White Shirt a Classic

Who doesn’t love the classics of fashion is like the guy who doesn’t like samba, nice guy is not, after all, has to have a screw loose to resist a timeless, versatile and democratic piece, right again? Don’t fight it, never, especially if she is a delicious white shirt to the good old male style, […]


Bag Trend 2012

The argument accessories, as you know, it really is so much to heart, that is, well let’s say it all: I love accessories, shoes, handbags, earrings, bracelets… and I think I have the support of many of you in this my unbridled passion!! a few weeks ago I showed you, and in fact told what will […]

Home Textiles

Bassetti Bettwäsche Reduziert Günstig

It’s that time again! We have strong for you wonderful Bassetti Bedding sets and throws from the previous season reduced in price. Save 40%compared to the regular price! The traditional Italian company is known for its fantastic and exceptional designs and their magnificent colors. Anyone who has ever met Bassetti products, who knows of what outstanding and uncompromising […]

Outdoor & Sports

Barefoot Yoga Meditation Cushion

You practice yoga? You often have to the end of your session a phaserelaxation meditation . Other yogas offer a wide time of meditation .You also use yoga pillows like bolsters yoga for stretching or small models bolsters yoga for your neck …


Maternity Wardrobe Basics

Already for a long time the maternity clothes are no longer bleak and funny faces. There are several options for the pregnant woman and many parts even have to be specific to pregnant women. More than ever, comfort is the keyword in this time, but without losing the style ever! Maternity dresses The dresses, for […]

Computer & Technology

Studies Predict Weak Use of Tablet PCs in 2003

Despite the ostentatious release that will take place later in New York by Microsoft, the new generation of tablet PCs should not represent a great success in the commercial market of portable computers, at least in the short term, according to two studies cited by C | NET. the first, a report released yesterday by […]


Never Have Enough Shoes

Shoes for every age: for this you need no full Shoe cabinet. Every woman should have this 6 pairs of shoes. You have never enough shoes? And your shoe closet overflowing? Here you can actually only 6 pairs. Because every woman should have this 6 pairs of shoes. It is often so that you can’t see the forest in clothes […]


Fashion of T Shirt

Giorgio Armani has already said she is the alpha and omega of the alphabet: the t-shirt. The Italian designer is so in love with the piece that he, at the end of the years 1970, brought together elegant male and female suits, creating the grandmother of combinations of an effect that would be recurring and […]