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Samsung Gear S2 Review

Samsung recently unveiled its shows connected Gear S2 in Tizen. Faced with the hegemony of Google and its Android Wear , she has the Korean brand what it takes to stand out? Response at the end of this test. Tips: until 31/12/2016, Samsung offers € 30 discount for every purchase of a connected watch Gear S2. Gear for the S3 is 50 € which […]

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Nokia Lumia 1020-All Specifications Revealed

About seven hours expected Nokia Lumia 1020 to be featured. All specifications are, however, already let out, claiming website. View them here. 17 Danish time Nokia will present the summer’s news item (s) at an event in New York. It includes, by all accounts, a new smartphone in Lumia-series, which takes 41 megapixel camera phone 808 PureView from 2012 […]

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Best Powder for Flawless Face

Imperative to always look their best, the powder sets makeup and eliminates imperfections: transparent, compact, powder free or do it yourself. The powder is one of the oldest cosmetics, used to improve the texture and the color of the face. One of the first to use it was Cleopatra who anointed the skin with a very fine and […]

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Microsoft on the Road with Surface-Smartwatch

Microsoft is in the process of development of a smartwatch produced in exclusive materials. Microsoft works, like most of its competitors, on a smartwatch. And it could end up, to see the light of day before Apple iWatch. It writes our site. According to a source of The Verge, so is a prototype already ready and it is […]


How to Wear Men’s Lace Up Boots

Surely you have at least a few in your shoe, but are you sure you know how you wear? The lace, the symbol of men’s shoes, have become a must for us girls. They are beautiful, comfortable, versatile and stylish, and now we can wear them too.

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Custom Sleeping Bag

When talking about the trip short and long that we decided to get some sleep in the “adventurer” ie bivouac in a shelter, a tent under a tarp (tarp used to protect you from the rain) or just outside you will need to bring a sleeping bag suitable. I say appropriate because you can imagine very well that depending on your destination it will influence the […]

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Types of Sports Bra

Three levels of support, depending on its activity There are three types of sports, which require different retention levels: – Walking, yoga, pilates are activities with gentle movements, without jumps or impacts. In these cases, no need for a strong hold. It rather seeks comfort with models without seams, with wide straps and shape suitable for its sportswear. This is […]

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Application Samsung Gear

Application Samsung Gear To set the interactions between your smartphone and Gear S2, Samsung offers its own phones and on the Play Store application Samsung Gear. The application itself is easy to use. With it, you can change your dials, manage notifications to display and send content to the internal memory of your smartwatch (photos and […]