Beauty & Entertainment

How to Prevent Frizz in Your Hair?

From time to time, those hairs goose bumps hell-bent on showing up and bother. Finish with the frizz is an exhausting struggle. There is usually a frizz with increasing humidity. Is the increased moisture that frizz usually arise. This is the most common explanation for the frizz. Or frizz can signal wires are dry. When the hair cuticle […]


Meet Knut Gadd-a New Swedish Watch Brand

We have been checking into the new Swedish watch brand Knut Gadd that recently released its first collection. For Metro Mode tells the founder Knot if the passionate watch interest – and the dream watch. A private watch brand – was started this story? “I used to buy a lot of Nice 50-60 millions of […]


Spring Leather Jackets

The jacket is still in the spring the best alternative when time blows hot and cold, waiting for long, hot, sunny days. Finished the big jacket or jacket for man, the Sun finally shows up, it’s time to bring out a jacket good fashion, and regain the terraces of cafes. Chic, or elegant, sportswear or ultra fashion, jacket […]


A Traditionnelle Dress Watch While …

Then there was demand for more personal touches I thought today publish a little review of my recent korena’s bachelorette party!. I had since some time been looking for a really nice dress watch while from any of the top manufacturers. Rose gold, light painting and a fairly moderate size was the priority. The “usual […]

Computer & Technology

Aggressive Price Must Sell LG G2

Good product to sharp price, will be LGs big argument which must convince customers that G2 is an exciting product. When we, as LG, fiddling around with a market share of about five percent (Q2 2013), harshly persecuted by Huawei, then all stops to capture customers. LG G2 is a product that mingles among topprodukter […]

Home Textiles

Modern Tablecloths

To receive those we love for a tasty meal around the table, it is important to pay attention not only revenue. After all, the table is the place where we spent the whole time at a meeting between friends and family and therefore deserves special attention when decorating with modernity and elegance. Choose a modern tablecloth […]


What Your Watch Says About You?

Throughout the ages, people have tried to read each other’s personalities based on which zodiac sign you were born in, what kind of dog you own or what you have taste in music. Furthermore, similar conclusions drawn after both dress and body language, but if there is something that really shines through for the people, […]

Computer & Technology

HooToo USB Hub Driver

Discovery of the product on arrival The USB Type-C HT-UC001 by HooToo hub was delivered to me by the brand for a honest review on Amazon. The hub is recyclable and standards FCC, CE through a proper channel.The warranty is 12 months, extendable to 18 months for free by registering on the site from HooToo. In […]


Watch Connoisseurs – John Mayer

The next man in line in the article series about bells connoisseurs is John Mayer. In fact, he’s just like Eric Clapton in the first part has Mayer a particularly good hand with the guitar, a love for Japanese men’s fashion as well as an extremely impressive clock collection with a focus on the Rolex […]