How to Wear Vintage Dresses

I read a few books of the time World War II this month (have you read, Bomb ? So good! Unbroken was also great, but it gave me terrible nightmares sharks.), So I ‘ ‘ve sort of been the era of the 1940s on the brain when I totally lucked out and found a vintage inspired dress at the […]


3 Favourites From the Kaplans ‘ Watches ‘

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Duo Kaplans auction house is mainly associated with their premium auction “quality” which takes place twice a year. Where the focus is mainly on collecting watches in different price ranges, but the auction house’s ordinary clock auctions that occur at regular intervals should not be underestimated.

Lights and Lighting

General Characteristics of Flashlights

SIZE AND WEIGHT Lightweight They are light and easy to carry flashlights as they take up little space. Within this group they enter headlights with polycarbonate body, very light since this material weighs half as aluminum and is extremely durable. Also covered key chain flashlights, lanterns and leave your hands free, such as headlamps and flashlights bike. […]

Outdoor & Sports

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Wheel

The most important component in the performance of your bike (well before the frame!), the wheels should therefore be chosen with great care. And yet, the first up and to “pull prices” ATV manufacturers offer models often not in line with the rest of the equipment. Never fear, with oversupply in the market among both brands […]

Computer & Technology

Motorola Moto G 2 (2014) in the Test

The Moto G 2 succeeded Motorola’s best selling Android phone. The test shows whether the successor also has the makings of a bestseller. Motorola Moto G 2 (2014) in the test Data sheet Rating The Moto G 2 (2014), we could test now, said Moto officially continue to G, so Americans have taken over the […]

Computer & Technology

Apple Forbade These Applications

It is not only pornographic material that will be rejected by Apple. See what other apps were rejected. With over 700,000 applications available in the App Store, Apple, believes that the well can be critical of the content of new applications. It’s not just pornographic material will be rejected by Apple, when approving new applications. The our […]


How to Choose the Size of a Shirt

The measurements to know to choose a shirt Here’s a tip that will simplify your life if you want to buy a shirt without being able to try (something that happens), have noted the measurements of your shirt that best will you will not go wrong size. To your meters-ribbon! Measure A: armpit to armpit distance […]


SIHH-Vacheron Constantin “Harmony”

Vacheron Constantin’s new series “Harmony”. One of the main players in the horologiska industry today is the venerable Vacheron Constantin. The company boasts more than 250 years of manufacture of the finest watch movements and watches on the market. As a tribute to the company this year launched the model series “Harmony” during the SIHH-fair […]