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Twitter-Record: More Than 143,000 Tweets Per Second

Japanese tv-watching set fire in Twitter, who achieved new record with more than 143,000 tweets per second. The Japanese may be happy to send small messages on Twitter while watching tv. Nevertheless, a Japanese tv program the official Twitter blog’s explanation that the social service Saturday July 3. August set new record in the number of Twitter-writings […]

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Apple First with Big Milestone-Such as

The company behind the iPhone is worth a lot of money, and they’ve just rounded a new milestone as the first ever. Apple is behind the iPod, Macs and iPhones. It has helped to make them the world’s most valuable company, and just on the market, Apple has set a new record. On the stock market in […]

Computer & Technology

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sold 20 Million Copies

Samsung has since 23. may sold 10 million copies of their top model Samsung Galaxy S4. The 23. may 2013, to their top model Samsung announced Samsung Galaxy S4, was sold for 10 million copies worldwide. On Wednesday, it emerged that Samsung since 23.may have doubled the number of, and now boasts 20 million sold Galaxy S4, […]

Beauty & Entertainment

Dangers of Tanning Salons

Have the perfect tan is the number one rule of every self-respecting summer. But did you know that behind every flawless tan lurk the pitfalls that can affect your beauty? If you are curious to find out what are the risks of a golden skin? How to check the first ray of summer sun here […]

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The New SlimType Cover Adds a Physical QWERTY Keyboard to Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

You are among the owners of Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and have always wanted “complete” your smartphone with a nice physical QWERTY keyboard? Your wishes may be soon fulfilled bySlimTypecover, a new solution proposed by the Norwegian One2Touch. As you can see from the pictures, this is a special cover which houses a keyboard covered with a soft touch-sensitive material, in […]

Computer & Technology

Bing Is Integrated into Apple’s iOS 7

Apple has entered into an agreement with archrival Microsoft, on the integration of the search engine Bing in the upcoming iOS 7. When iOS 7 comes out to the ordinary users to after this year, it will be with integration of Microsoft’s search engine our site. Arch-rivals Microsoft and Apple have agreed that Bing in the […]