14k Gold Plated Body Chain

Gold chain – jewelry is never certain style will not work. This beautiful precious metal shine attention, emphasizing the beauty of the neck, shoulders and décolleté women. At all times, people appreciate gold because today this metal products highlight not only the taste of the owners, but also their social status. What to do if you really want to own a beautiful gold chain, but a limited budget? There is a way. Ladies gold-plated chain – is relatively inexpensive jewelry that nothing outside of Gold “sisters” are the same. Among other things, this is not fraud, not fake, not imitation. All you can touch, it really gold!
Looking at jewelry stores chains that are a different kind of weaving, size and weight, I want to buy some ornaments. But buying jewelry can not afford to everyone. But gilded silver chains are at times less so for the same amount you can buy two or three jewelry.

Methods Gold Chains

The answer to whether guild chain obvious. You can do this in two ways. First – galvanic. To this cheap silver jewelry immersed in a pre-saturated with gold electrolyte. After cooling, all particles of the precious metal deposited evenly on a silver chain, turning it into gold. As a result of classical silver looks like a pure gold and thus cheaper. It is logical that a more detailed review of this chain, you will not find “gold” tests, but others know about it optional.
The second method is more qualitative gilding, and therefore these products are more expensive. The bottom line is that the chain links made of real gold, but inside they are empty. These cavities filled with another metal, have hypoallergenic properties. Call golden thumb. Costs such chain is cheaper than in gilded silver and gold on the outside is different. Excellent alternative, right?
With its low cost gold jewelry, you can please the more unusual decorations, as a way of production chains allow you to experiment with expensive project.

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