11 Tips to Save Your Iphone Battery

Smartphones are not designed to have great autonomy, this is proven and we have already shown why.

Now let’s imagine that you are in a situation where you have to save energy from your iPhone as soon as you can not load it and the priority is to make calls.How can you maximize the autonomy of your smartphone?

These tips can help the user in an emergency, but can be used on a daily basis, increasing the performance of the iPhone, allowing the user greater autonomy without worrying about being daily to use the charger.

11 Tips to Save Your Iphone Battery

1 – Screen Brightness

This is one of the most popular energy saving tips.Reduce the brightness of your screen to about 50%.This will make the battery

last longer and notice this improvement.That is not why you will not see well what is happening on the iPhone screen.

But it will not only be here that you will spare.There is more where to save energy.

2 – Turn off Wi-Fi

The fact that the WiFi antenna is always connected is consumed.Of course it becomes faster to connect to the available WiFi networks but, in most cases, we often walk without any need of this connected feature.

If you turn it off you will see that it is also a saving factor.

3 – Turn Off Push Notifications

Push notifications work by maintaining a permanent connection to Apple servers.This causes a load on the processor and requires a constant connection to a data service, “draining valuable ions” in the process.

4 – Turn off 3G / 4G data

The 3G and 4G data networks are of another qualitative order, more bandwidth, carry more quality.If you do not need to have data constantly connected, this antenna can save a lot of power to your battery, as the smartphone consumes much more to capture 3G and 4G data signal, easily draining the power autonomy.

11 Tips to Save Your Iphone Battery 1

5 – Disable Get Automatic Data in Email

Having the emails arrive automatically to the mail client on the iPhone is interesting, we received the notification and when we open the email already there are the messages. But this process forces the service to timely check the mail box on the server for messages, consuming resources. One more connection that is unnecessary in saving time. Disconnect.

6 – Turn off Bluetooth

Here there is not much to say, of course like water (clean water).But I still see many users with Bluetooth connected without realizing they are feeding a feature that is not doing anything active.Even though it is “stopped” it is consuming because it is listening.

Although this wireless protocol is extremely energy efficient, when it is not being used it is a huge waste and the iPhone is still used less for its specifics.Disconnect.

7 – Turn off Location Services

Location Services is a fashion of modern operating systems.There is no app that does not want to know where we are (well know what for), whether it is a search, an image application or something, we get the question: Can the application have access to your location?

These Location Services use a combination of GPS and triangulation with the antennas of the signal operators.Both methods are great for draining the battery and none of them are required to make phone calls.If we want to save money for channeling calls, turn off all Location Services.It may make your smartphone less attractive, but it will have more power for what matters to you.

11 Tips to Save Your Iphone Battery 2

8 – Turn off the phone in weak signal areas

If you are in a place where you do not need to have your smartphone turned on and you know you have a weak telephone network signal, turn off your phone.When there is a weak signal, the equipment spends immense battery to pick up signal which in a short time consumes a large percentage of the energy reserves only to try to be connected to a cell that covers the area where it is.

So if you are in the middle of nowhere and there is no sign, do not waste energy trying to look for one.As mentioned the use of power for the entire radio system is increased many times, so the device has to continuously increase the input and output signal.If you are in a low signal area, the iPhone will increase the signal several times in an attempt to maintain a functional connection.

9 – Disable Vibrate

It may seem little, but if it is bad energy and when receiving a call the engine that vibrates will still drain the little that exists, then it can only be making the scenario worse.Keep the volume low now.And right now, do not use the iPhone as an iPod, but for those who want to save energy … it’s basic, right?

11 Tips to Save Your Iphone Battery 3

10 – Turn off the Siri

Yesterday, talking to a friend who complained about not getting a day with a battery on his iPhone , I asked “do you have Siri on?”, He replied “I have” … “but you use Siri”, and he said, “No “… but what the hell do you want Siri bound for if you do not use it?

When I have the Portuguese language, I believe that a lot of people later will use it and abuse it, but at this point keep in mind that Siri is connected can be a source of data consumption and energy.Disconnect.

11 – Turn Facebook Off

Applications are greedy.This is proven, just install an app that monitors power consumption and determine the agents and see that the applications are among the largest consumers.Facebook is at the top … (need I say what games do you think?)

In short…

If you make good use of your smartphone, do not let it overheat, keep it in good condition and give it a good route, it will last a long time.You do not need to let it unload constantly, do it once a month, this is because lithium-ion batteries have a different need from the batteries of the past, they have cycles of use.But you can see our article to better understand this.

This article comes in some way to update another one that I once left here .Times are bringing more features and we are adding some features and reminding others.