11 Times Hollywood Androids

A couple of days ago we saw how product placement was a quite common way of seeing Android devices in movies and TV shows. A very usual practice where the technology like shine and make you see, some more than others all said. Now that we’ve talked about this practice, is time of go to more specific examples.

When a phone or a tablet Android appears in a film is not casual. Normally there is money from through, especially if it is an object with some importance in the plot or the plans that are taken are very dedicated or last a long time. Whatever it is, we are going with eleven appearances of Android in movies and TV series.

007: Skyfall

Probably the emergence of Sony Xperia T in the 007 film: Skyfall is one of the most remembered, probably more than the phone. An important part of the plot, the film uses it a few times, and element promotional for a brand, as we will see throughout the post, has cast many times their products at Sony Pictures productions.


BlackHat came with pretensions of being a realistic movie about hackers and their way of working to achieve what is proposed. The truth is that it was something more truthful than the disastrous previous attempts but remained on a bluff. Android appears in the film and the platform itself as the device was more important. From an iPhone they would not work, of course.

Entitled to rubbing

If you remember right to rub I am convinced that ye do not remember that in a few moments of the film is a Sony Xperia X 10. Maybe I sound more by Mila Kunis or, who knows, by the enormous amount of Sony-branded products. Again it is no coincidence: is a film produced by the film studio of the Japanese.

Passengers lovers

Yes, we also have Spanish representatives in the list. Although there is no confirmation from Almodovar or Samsung, about how many telephones of Koreans appear in the film. Blanca Suarez and the stewards are equipped with the family phablets Note. They have certain protagonism, although the brand and the model was not.

The Avengers

Samsung is betting on strong by the Avengers in advertising and product placement. In the second part, we can see black widow used a Samsung Galaxy S Tab. It seems that to Scarlett Johanson have persuaded her to switch to Android since the second part of Captain America, there is a scene where hack a MacBook Pro in an Apple Store.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Although Apple is crowned with a lot of product placement in the second part of Captain America, HTC was able to gain a foothold with two phones: One M7 and One X. They do not have an important role and appear in specific scenes, but they are there, along with a very limited edition of phones with the Shield logo.

Veronica Mars

Probably know more Veronica Mars for the series but last year brought a Kickstarter-funded film. Although done with the money from the fans, that It did not prevent marks paid for appearing. Samsung has too much weight in the production, there are many products of the brand, including a Samsung Galaxy S4 that appears quite often.

3 Days to Kill

It is not a film that will go down in history since the plot is a pastiche, but is a good pastime of weekend. In addition to a lot of Peugeot cars, production is French, can be seen a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at times when the protagonist has to talk to the bad guys.

The Amazing Spiderman

Another movie from Sony Pictures, another two hours full of Japanese products. Pity that this reboot of the series does not serve to give a boost to the male spider on the screen. At least we know he loves to use his Sony Xperia whenever you are not busy fighting the bad guys threatening New York.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man has one the product placement with curious Android. Leaving little but this time was not any great brand who bet on them. Well, Yes, actually is big but here we have half forgotten: TCL Mobile, which sold under the Alcatel brand in Spain. Pity that in the film its appearance is quite discreet.

House of Cards, third season

We ended up with the third season of House of Cards where we have the appearance of Monument Valley as well as product placement. In the case of Android, we can see in some scenes than other Samsung Galaxy Tab, but if something has shown us the series produced by Netflix is there variety of tastes when it comes to using technology: BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung…