10 Signs That Define Your Vintage Hipster Style

If an urban subculture that has adopted the clothes there are vintage and retro-styled new are so-called “hipsters”. Regardless of other factors identified them as such, here the purpose is to break down the visual style that defines them.

Do you consider yourself a hipster or plane do not know what it is? Don’t miss these signals that help define a set of clothes.

  1. Give new use to the old: with a mixture of ecological concern, nostalgia for the past and wanting to be defined as unique are fans of vintage markets or, well, from shops specialising in this type of clothing. That Yes, will buy clothes that are not of any recognized designer and that adapt to their style of dress. These items chosen in a highly selective way are combined with the latest technology, such as an iPhone or an iPad, and newly purchased clothes.
  2. Wear new clothing that looks vintage: if the dresses you see think that they removed clothes from the closet of his grandparents, but not necessarily.

This segment of young people in their 30s, educated, with good jobs and a great purchasing power could not pass unnoticed for industry clothing manufacturer. Many of their items are purchased in Brooklyn Industries, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and H & M. Do you like these stores? Well, you are very likely a hipster.

  1. Craft things: or because they found them on Etsy, they themselves made them or bought them in the weekend street market, the truth is that hipsters love to wear bags, scarves, gloves, hats or shirts handmade.
  2. With lenses, an air of intellectuality: Yes, need them or not, many of them like wear lenses that are, or that look, retro, with large plastic rings. The authentic Ray Ban Wayfarers, in all colors you can imagine, is one of the favorite models.
  3. Aman “hoodies” and t-shirts: all worthy hipster consider same hipster has in her wardrobe cheapest hoodies, as well as a t-shirt (between older, sweat and deslavada look, better) with some legend “witty” (sharp and witty).
  4. The “layers” or layers are theirs: is the garment that is, should be in layers, and preferably not matching each other. The men put their skinny jeans with a t-shirt, a flannel lumberjack type jacket, a hoodie above, and perhaps even a scarf if it’s cold. Also this practice, love to women since they combine leggings with a spring dress and a thick sweater top, all attached with a belt of vintage appearance.
  5. With a cluth bag: all hipsters wear backpacks to the back; prefer retro style bag, crossed by the middle of the chest, a size large enough to keep your MacBook Air without problems.
  6. Above all comfortable shoes: men are recognized by their classic Reeboks, Vans, or the popular Toms. The women will see them with cowboy boots, a wide variety of comfortable sandals or flats.
  7. Women dresses: women love dresses floral or lace, also those who are totally retro, or are vintage.
  8. Long, carefree hair: if there is something that distinguishes the hispeters is that your hair looks totally natural and carefree, although they have invested hundreds of dollars in a modern cut. Many men go through life with abundant beards, while women tend to wear their hair in a bun or loose.


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