10 Keys To Choosing The Perfect Suit Jacket

If the answer is yes, you definitely need this guide. How much anger often given that after months of searching, the American find one you like and the time to prove it , you realize that the suit jacket do not feel well!

Sometimes the suit jacket is big, or too long , or too short, maybe a little square, and does not fit you enough… A lot of excuses for the result to be, to stay without your perfect suit jacket.

In many occasions the solution is simple: to go to the tailoring so that with a simple arrangement we solve the American. But usually this option is expensive. However today in demodaybelleza we give you a few simple steps so that you know to choose the perfect suit jacket and do not spend a fortune on tailors.

How To Choose The Perfect Suit Jacket?

#1 How To Know Your Suit Jacket By The Shoulders?

In order to know if the suit jacket size you are testing is yours, it is very important that you look at the shoulders of the jacket or blazer. Why on the shoulders? The American born from the shoulders, so it is vital that you feel good from the start.

Therefore, in order for the suit jacket to be thecorrect one, the sleeve should start just at the point of attachment between the clavicle, thearm and the shoulder bone.

If you really want to hit the suit jacket, you just have to look at this simple detail of theshoulders.

#2 Choose The Perfect Costume Jacket With The Hanger Trick

Do you know what the hanger trick is? It is veryeasy and will serve as a great help to choose thesuit jacket that better you feel. The trick is to get the American , seat properly on the shouldersand make sure there is absolutely no space in the back of the neck. You really should stay as if you had left a perch inside the jacket and someone was pulling up. Hence the name of the hanger trick. Simple but effective and something thatglance goes unnoticed, but it is a factor decisive when choosing the jacket perfect outfit.

#3 Keys To Choose The Correct Suit Jacket According To The Flap

It is not a question of knowing which is for young people and which for seniors, but what is what we want to achieve. The width of the flap will be inversely proportional to that of theback , that is, the wider the flap, the narrower the back visually, and vice versa.

Narrow flap=widening back
Wide flap=narrow back

#4 The Notch On The Flap, A Factor That Determines The Perfect Suit Jacket

The more continuous the flap, that is, the fewer notches , the more formal.

#5 How To Choose The Right Suit Jacket For The Buttons?

Many times we hear that the number of buttonsthat close the jacket of a suit is proportional to the age of the wearer: the younger, with abutton because it is more youthful and modern;And the grandparents, the three.

But really what we are interested to know, is that these little pieces will help us to play visually with the proportions. The ‘main’ button (the center button on the three-button jacket and the top button on the two button), which will always be fastened, should fall to the navel or slightly above it.

If you want to shorten the torso, we will add a third button above the main one (and another below) to close the opening of the americanaand give the optical impression that the trunk is shorter.

#6 The Suit Jacket According To The Length

This point is very clear, the length of the suit jacket should cover up to the pants fly.

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#7 Choose The Perfect Suit Jacket According To The Tweezers

This is where we find one of the greatest magic tricks of the suit jackets. A clamp on a garment is a seam that collects a part of the fabric in the interior so that the piece is tightened more to the body. It will clamp more or less fabric and willmore or less long depending on the shape of each body .

#8 The Sleeves Of The American, The Key To Know If We Are Hitting The Size

The sleeve of the jacket falls from the shoulder to the wrist , neither above nor below. Andunderneath it a finger will protrude from the sleeve of the shirt. The same as the neck of the shirt should be over the top of the American in the nape.

#9 Do The Back Vents Of The Suit Jacket Suit You?

Openings certainly help. On the one hand, itframes better the back and, on the other hand, if you want to put your hand in one of the pockets of the pants and the jacket is closed, you will have better access to them if we have an opening on each side of the skirt.

#10 The Hilvanes, A Safe Bet

The threads are those long stitches of white thread that join the proper openings of the jacket and run the seam of the shoulder. They are used so that the jacket does not deform when it is wrinkled . Before using the American, we must eliminate that overcast .

How To Combine The Suit Jacket?

We can look for harmony in the range of colors between jacket, shirt and tie or bow tie. More tips on combining suit jacket, please visit Fashionruling.