10 Decorative Wall Clocks With Original And Modern Designs

If you are thinking of buying wall clocks to place in the office or in any room of your House. Here I recommend 10 watches with very original and modern designs. So the watches not only serve to give time, they also function as decoration.

I had already seen that INSURANCEJUST, had a section with thousands of wall clocks. With all kinds of designs made by designers and artists from all over the world. But I had never to see them closely, and discovered that there are very good watches.

10 Examples Of Wall With Very Good Designs Clocks

1. Gravity Wall Clock

The first watch of the 10 which today I recommend, is one that bears the name: Gravity. It is a design of Tobe Fonseca. You can select three of the clock frame colours: black, white or natural wood.

Clockwise you can also select between white and black colour. The diameter of the clock is 10 inch, 25.4 cm. They require one AA battery, not included. It has a cost of $ 30

2. Adventure Awaits Wall Clock

This watch is ideal for those who like trips or adventures. The design is a map with a word in white. This watch you can also select the frame color. But in color natural wood, according to me, it looks better.

It is a design of: Zach Terrell, 10 inches in diameter and has a cost of $30.

3 Wall Clock Is On Concrete

This third clock is for people that like minimalism. The clock does not have numbers from the hours and minutes. The design is very elegant and pure, as the texture of the concrete.

You can select the color frame and hands in white, that also looks good as well. It measures 10 inches in diameter and is designed by Cafelab. Cost of $30.

4.- Sorbet V Wall Clock

Another wall clock with a minimalist design divided in half. In the first half, there is a wood texture. The lower half is yellow. The mixing of these colors, more black frame and black hands, work perfectly.

It is a design of Galaxy Eyes, 10 inches in diameter and at a cost of $30.

5.- Wall Fuck

This watch is for the more daring. The word and the hands merge perfectly. Especially if the hands are white. By that way interact with the design made by Tex-Guy.

But you can also modify colors clockwise and the frame of the clock. It has a cost of $ 30 and also measures 10 inches in diameter.

6.- Space Within Wall Clock

A watch with an illustration, a despite the fact that there are many elements in the drawing, the watch looks quite elegant. The best color combination is black frame and black hands. So that is the illustration that stand out are more.

This watch do work perfectly as a decorative object. It is an illustration of Ruben Ireland. $ 30 is its cost and measures 10 inches in diameter.

7.- Fail Wall Clock

This wall clock is ideal for example for the room of a baby or a toddler’s. By the type of illustration. Pictured are three cows staring at another cow that is stuck on the moon.

It is an illustration of Picomodi. The best combination of colors, is frame natural wood color and white hands. It has a cost of $ 30 and measures 10 inches in diameter.

8 Black Wall Clock Hole In One

It is one of those clocks of wall with many elements, but together they work perfectly for one face of clock. It is the first watch in the list that does have numbers, to make it easier to read the time.

The watch looks better with black hands, but it is difficult to see the time. If they are white hands, the hour is read faster, but enlightenment is a bit lost. It is an illustration made byEugenia Loll. It has a cost of $ 30 and measures 10 inches in diameter.

9.- Crow Wall Clock

The last list of 10 decorative wall clocks wall clock, is an illustration of a crow and circles. The mix of these elements causes an interesting visual effect. It is as if the clock, tried to hypnotize you.

It is a design of Zavu, at a cost of $ 30 and as other clocks, also measuring 10 inches in diameter.

10.- Wall 11:11 Clock

With this watch can make a wish every time you see it, that has the time 11:11 in the design of the cover. It is a very creative and intelligent design. In addition to that is nothing complicated read the time with the hands in white.

You can also select the hands black and white frame. It is a design of Sara Eshak. It has a cost of $ 30 and measures 10 inches in diameter.