10 Benefits Of Running: Put On Your Running Shoes And Start Running

Running is much more than just a fad, running is full of benefits that will make you look and feel better and best of all is that you only need running shoes to start running and enjoy all its benefits.

But… What are the benefits of running for health?

10 Benefits of running:

Strengthens bones.

Running is a good way to improve our bone density, well above other sports such as cycling. Running helps the bones to strengthen and increase their density. So it is especially recommended for women at risk for osteoporosis.

Helps fight stress and anxiety.

When we run we release endorphins, the well-known hormones of happiness. After running, no matter how tired you are you will invade a feeling of well-being that will make you feel very good.

Have you heard of the runner’s rush? Is a sensation that occurs because the brain is flooded with endorphins.

It helps you to be more handsome.

If you want to improve physically running will help you get it. Here I tell you5 reasons why running makes you look better .

It helps us to rest better.

Surely you’ve noticed. The days you train hard we sleep better. Not only is it much easier to fall asleep, when we get up in the morning with a feeling of having rested well.

And it is that running helps us to rest and to get our rests constant during the hours of sleep.

Reduces the risk of illness.

If you exercise regularly, the risk of type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension or obesity is much lower than that of sedentary people.

Fight cellulite.

There is a myth that running is bad for cellulite, but the truth is that it helps us fight it. Running fat decreases throughout the body and that also includes that of the cartridge holsters.

It improves our immune system.

To a greater extent than other sports running an hour a day for at least five days a week improves our ability to make us immune to infections of the respiratory tract .

Running also also makes us more resistant to diseases. So we should just go running for this.

Increases self-esteem.

Running not only helps us get in shape. As I said before will also help us to be more handsome. And if we join together to see ourselves and feel better, our self-esteem levels will improve considerably.

It makes you smarter.

Running not only improves brain concentration. It has also been shown to improve neuronal activity and neural connections multiply.

So it literally helps you to be smarter as it expands our activity and intellectual ability.

It’s the perfect excuse to wear flashy clothes.

If like me you like the bright colors… Running clothes are the perfect excuse to be able to wear them 

Just have a look at Tiendadepor and see for example the Asics runningcollection to see what I’m talking about. I just love running clothes

These are just some of the benefits that running has but there are many more. Can you tell me which one is your favorite?